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Integrating external coupon codes into Shopify

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I'm working in web developement and for our latest project we are creating a platform where vendors can generate campaigns containing discount codes for their customers. Since some of those vendors might be having Shopify Stores, we are currently looking for an opportunity to integrate our discount codes so they can be used in those Shopify Stores.


Ideally the process we are looking for would be the following:
1. Vendor clicks on "create discount code" on our platform
2. New discount code is created by our system
3. Code is added to Shopify Store of the vendor
4. Code is confirmed to our system by Shopify
5. Customer of the vendor can see the code in our system


So now the questions would be:
1. Do we need to implement a plugin for Shopify or could we work with the Shopify API directly and how?
2. What kind of access do the vendors need to give us to their Shopify Stores?


I've already discovered the opportunity to add Discount Codes with the API
Since an access token is needed we would be interested in further information about restricting that, since there's no need to have access to the entire Shopify Store of our vendors.


Thanks already for any helpful answers,

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