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Integrating Google Pay with Private Desktop Application

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My issue is somewhat similar to a recent issue posted earlier in the week here however I figured I would post my own information as it is a little different. First off, I do not currently have a Shopify store. We used to have one, but decided to change and now we would like to come back ideally. Regardless, the issue is not store specific, it is more of trying to figure out how certain things work that aren't covered in the documentation.


So, what we're working on is a desktop application that will be downloadable for free for prospective customers and it is a tool to use our product and we want to be able to directly sell our products inside the desktop application. Google Pay makes it very simple considering they can click a single button and purchase. Since we do not have the Shopify store open yet, or even created, we have just been using a random Shopify store that we found for testing purposes. The store has Google Pay enabled at checkout. The desktop application that we've made creates a local web server and serves it via Electron. Since we are only in the testing stages, we've created a simple webpage that loads the Google Pay button and has the merchantId of the store we're using to test specified as the gatewayMerchantId parameter. We found the merchantId by going through the checkout process and getting the Google Pay URL.


It is working very well in the TEST environment with Google Pay, however when we switch to PRODUCTION environment, we are getting the "Merchant is not enabled for Google Pay" error. We've contacted Google Pay API support and they're telling us to contact you. My first thought was that we're using the wrong merchantId however it is the same one being used for checkout, so why wouldn't it work when we try to generate a token via localhost?


Of course we are testing with a store that is not ours, but it doesn't seem like that is the issue. It seems like this would occur even with our own store. We'd like to figure this out before we open our store. But like I said earlier, I don't see this to be a store specific issue as it will happen no matter what merchantId we provide. Is there some sort of issue with trying to generate a token via localhost? How could we achieve our goal?

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