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Integrating Shopify into Existing App

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We currently have an existing app that integrates into other eCommerce software, and we want to now integrate into Shopify as well. I reached out to Shopify support and they say this is possible with a Public App, as long as we bill the users the come from the Shopify App Store with Shopify Billing. They also said I do not have to bill users who come from my app. For example, I have an existing user being billed from my app and decides to also integrate Shopify... I do not have to migrate that user to Shopify Billing, they can just use the app free and we bill them ourselves.

That's perfect... however, my question is this.. how do I bypass billing in this case? Do I just make a trigger to some how make the App free if a user comes from my app but if they are coming from the App Store, have it be billed as normal?

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