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Intermittent errors of various types on GraphQL API

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I routinely experience various intermittent errors from the GraphQL API, including 403's, 401's and various types of 500's, including 500, 502, and 503 errors. Some 500's come with a request id (c2514550-9ad3-4c78-af30-321d98b25f9d for example, though it seems the status code for that particular error was actually a 400), but most don't, spitting back a either a generic html error page or nginx's default bad gateway page.

I've tried contacting support before and was told it's because I'm sending too many requests at once. If that's the case I'd love it if Shopify would implement that using the rate limiting extension  rather than obscure error pages as it's much easier to implement retries and exponential backoffs if I have more information than "something went wrong".

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We're on the REST API and we've seen an increase of 503 errors since October 14. Yesterday and today are unusually high.

In most cases, the requests go through after 1 or 2 retries.

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