Introducing a new Node library for accessing the Shopify Admin API

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Thanks so much for taking the time to go through this Dylan.
I've figured out since that I could use the access token given out by the auth callback, so it all makes a bit more sense to me now. It was my lack of understanding of all involved parts that lead to my confusion, so again thank you for adding this information here.

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No problem!

That's right, and it is a bit confusing with essentially 2 parts of authentication:

1. Access Tokens (server side stored and used) - distributed to your app during the OAuth callback when the merchant accepts your auth scopes (the /api/auth/callback.js example in next-js-shopify-toolbox)

2. Session Tokens (browser side, JWT, generated by AppBridge) - distributed by Shopify's AppBridge, which requires the shopOrigin (aka shop name) and you pass to **your** API using axios. Behind the API on the server, it's up to you to find the corresponding Access Token given the shop's name from the Session Token.

Good luck!

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