Is it possible to invite future customers without having any account ?

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Hi everybody, 

Hope you are doing well, I'm trying to do a new feature in my shopify Shop but i was wondering if it's possible to send an invitation to a future customer without having an account i know i need the {{customer_id}} to send it to the {{admin/api/2021-07/customers/207119551/send_invite.json}} because i updated the form of the invitation and i'm letting the futur user entering his first_name, last_name and by default in activate_account.liquid


But if i cant how can i do to create a new account  without putting the first_name, last_name in it ? 


I saw i had a POST {{admin/api/2021-07/customers.json}}

But when i do it he is trying to sending me a link to click but i'm doing it in the background of the store any ideas ? 

Thank you by advance for the time you take to answer me 😄 

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