Is Shopify for developers really serious?

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I have submitted multiple times my app with no success..

1) First submit, I should not use some search terms which are general words and in my opinion it does not violate the requirements. 

There were also some points (payment access, etc..) which made no sense to me and in the end I got a message from Partner Development that I don't need it. 

2) Second submit I fixed the issues and I made a Screencast, etc.. but there was more points I need to fix which were not mentioned at point 1). 

3) Third I fixed the points at 1), 2) and made a Screencast and I the app is working from my end but got following message:

Our records show that on multiple occasions you’ve submitted an app that doesn’t meet Shopify’s public app requirements. As a result, you’ve been temporarily suspended from submitting new apps until February 18, 2021.

  1. Include detailed app install and set up instructions within the user interface of your app to comply with our requirements. After installation, merchants must be able to make adjustments to the app in order to maintain functionality. See this screenshot for details. Even though the UI and setup are simple, part of our guidelines is to have instructions or steps where users can refer to on how to use your app.

The app is very intuitive (3 steps) and don't understand what adjustment the merchant should make? Maybe someone else understand it? Here is the link if you want to test it on your store{yourshop}

How to use it you can watch this video:

  1. Correct this functionality error in your app's features. See this screencast for details. No scheduled task is created and not all product photos are showing up on the "Preview" section, as you can see from the video, the image does not optimise the second photo.

In the video I am making an refresh and the image will change. I guess the reviewer was to quick.

I am a bit disappointed about Shopify. The same app is running at BigCommerce and WooCommerce. I am also running succesful a store at Shopify and I am want to use the app for my store. 


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