Is the limit on the API calls per store or per app?

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Sorry to ask this question again but I am not getting anywhere with my previous post on this.

I initially thought that the API call limit was per store because  in the Shopify documentation it says:

"HTTP_X_SHOPIFY_SHOP_API_CALL_LIMIT (lists how many calls you've made for that particular shop)"

But then in our app I noticed that we were constantly going over the limit despite abiding by the api limit algorithm, which we implemented per store. So I asked a question of the forum:

And an expert said that it was per app. But to be honest I cannot believe this 100% because the documentation seems to contradict it.

Please share your experience, I am sure there are many app vendors who can dimistify this.


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I still have not seen a clear answer on this question. these 2 sentences I read seem to contradict each other.

I am writing an application that will manage shopify updates for a number of different stores with different api keys. Each stores' updates will be performed independently of eachother (and in different threads).

So, my question is: Will I be forced to implement a single, serialized updating program, that will iterate through all of the stores one at a time? Or can I have multiple threads running simultaneously updating different stores at the same time?

Maybe another way to ask the question is: are the API limits based on API Key or on originating IP address?



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Hi Brian,

You can interact with the different stores at the same time. Each app installed in each store has its own rate limit. 

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The quesiton really was:

For a single app, is the call limit per store or per app?

To cut a long story short:

The api call limit is per store

Since we could not get a definitive answer on this one, we decided to test it and found out the answer above. 

Hope that someone from Shopify reopens this thread:

and gives the corredt answer, because right now it is blantantly wrong.

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The API call limit is per app, per store.

i.e. a particular application can make up two API calls per second on one particular shop.

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