Is the primary locale the default locale for the root domain name?

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We have a merchant who has 2 locales: English and Arabic. English is the primary locale, as confirmed via GraphQL API.

However, the root domain is rendering in Arabic, and the {{ request.locale.iso_code }} tag is returning "ar" for Arabic. 

The english domain is accessible at https://{site}.com/en (Not sure if it's ok to post the merchant's website here.)

Is this expected behaviour or is it a bug?


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Is this expected behaviour or is it a bug?

Yes, as specified by Shopify:

When a locale is published from the API, Shopify automatically creates a URL path for the locale. For example, if you published the French (fr) locale on a shop whose primary URL is, then a URL is automatically created. Shops are limited to 5 published locales.