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Is there a way to adjust variant quantity to a certain value directly using graphql ?

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I am looking at using inventoryBulkAdjustQuantityAtLocation, but inventoryItemAdjustments only provides a availableDelta field to change quantity, so if I want to update inventory to zero, I have to query for the value first, and this waste the limit points that I dont have enough. So can I directly set quantity of a variant to zero with one request?

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Hi @Allonsy,

I believe that setting the quantity of a single variant can be achieved with the inventoryActivate mutation. Sample below


mutation inventoryActivate($inventoryItemId: ID!, $locationId: ID!) {
  inventoryActivate(inventoryItemId: $inventoryItemId, locationId: $locationId, available: 0) {
    inventoryLevel {
    userErrors {


Hopefully this helps you achieve what you're looking to do.


syf_ | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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Hi @syf_,

I'm not able to set a specific value using inventoryActivate mutation, because I always get the previous value as available quantity in output (I tried with 2022-01 release):


mutation {
		available: 27
		inventoryItemId: "gid://shopify/InventoryItem/43596988547233"
		locationId: "gid://shopify/Location/63823773857"
	) {
		inventoryLevel {


and I get:


	"data": {
		"inventoryActivate": {
			"inventoryLevel": {
				"available": 19
	"extensions": {
		"cost": {
			"requestedQueryCost": 10,
			"actualQueryCost": 10,
			"throttleStatus": {
				"maximumAvailable": 1000.0,
				"currentlyAvailable": 990,
				"restoreRate": 50.0


I'm only able to change the level using inventoryAdjustQuantity but it's required to pass a delta and it's a bit unconvenient for me, I would prefer to pass a fixed value.


Is there any other way to set the expected value?


Thanks and regards,