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Issue Product API weight

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Having a strange issue where I am updating certain values in products.

{"product":{"id":4893383393419,"title":"The Green Mile Signed","vendor":"Ramsys","product_type":"Book","variants":[{"sku":"100042","inventory_quantity":91,"inventory__manage":91,"cost":"50.00","price":"85.00"}]}}

for some reason this is resetting the weight to 0

If I update the weight with a value it works. if I leave it out it seems to reset it to 0

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That is crazy. In a world where the motto should be like medecine, do no harm, resetting weight seems cruel.

I have a question out of interest. There is no API call that functions like your data provided. There is no update that would accept an inventory quantity or an inventory_manage key as far as I know, you instead have to make calls to the inventory item and inventory level endpoints, which this data clearly is not. How exactly are you expecting this data update to work? Do you have code to show what you are doing there? It probably does not matter and would not be setting weight to zero, but I am curious as to how this update you are doing is formatted.

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I have similar issue. Whenever we update product in shopify with selected few fields. it set weight to 0.  Do you have any solution?