Issues Completing a Sales Channel Payment with the Checkout API using SPREEDLY

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We are trying to complete Sales Channels Payments with the Shopify Checkout API using SPREEDLY but below is the error we get. PLEASE HELP


Please watch the video below on the Step by Step following the Shopify documentation ( and for some reason we get an INVALID error. Video LInk > 

Also, you can watch this additional video when we're connecting Spreedly's iFrame with a DEMO Shopify Store. Video Link > 


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Anyone have any idea about this? 

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Below the comments we received from Spreedly:

We have reviewed both videos, and it looks as though the Spreedly portion is working correctly - both visible in the videos, and showing success in our logs when both creating the payment method in Spreedly and delivering to Shopify. 

What we are seeing is that the process is failing when using the Checkout API to process the transaction in Shopify.  The error code, 422 Unprocessable Entity, according to Shopify's documentation points to, "the request body was well-formed but contains semantic errors." (



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Going through the documentation from Spreedly and your video, I discovered that Shopify specified the 


"gateway": null


when I check the checkouts endpoint.


curl -d '{"checkout":{"line_items":[{"variant_id":39072856,"quantity":5}]}}' \
-X POST "" \
-H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: {access_token}" \
-H "Location:"

// Response
            "id": 22691767222459,
            "token": "24e9cf6c29fca2e7b12be21b0d8d3627",
            "cart_token": null,
            "email": "",
            "gateway": null,
            "buyer_accepts_marketing": false,
            "created_at": "2021-10-23T03:01:25-04:00",
            "updated_at": "2021-10-23T03:04:02-04:00",
            "landing_site": "/admin/api/2021-10/checkouts.json",
            "note": null,
            "note_attributes": [],
            "referring_site": null,
            "shipping_lines": [


Here is Loom video

Can someone from Shopify help out to check what is done wrong here? Here is the X-Request-ID

BTW. I have tried to reformat the payload "session_id" by  from 
west-4cc5c472a048541476f577c12db6776a to 4cc5c472a048541476f577c12db6776a. But still having the same error. 

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Could this be the default response for a test gateway?