Item Download error with 1 Variant

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Has anyone had the issue when the API exchange happens that the connection only transmits some variants and others it doesn't?

For Example, we set up 4 variants on Monday last week. Then on Tuesday i created a new variant and that one failed to export properly to connect to our WMS.

Has anyone ever come across this issue? and how it got fixed?

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Something to consider with a WMS is how the product and variant relationships happen. We completely mapped the Shopify format within SKUSavvy mobile WMS for Shopify so that they will match. 

Another thing to consider is Shopify rate limiting if you have 1000's products to consistently update. Another challenge that you may run into is being able to fulfill partial orders when one variant is back-ordered. For this, you can split the order into separate shipments, and fulfill the product that is available at the time. Having multiple fulfillment options does make this more complicated. 

For a seamless Shopify WMS connection, check the SKUSavvy - Shopify Connection


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There is a much easier way for growing Shopify stores to manage the warehouse and order fulfillment: Get one SKUSavvy Mobile WMS and Order Fulfillment Account Free