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I am trying to find all registered webhooks on shopify. I am handling a shopify app which is developed by some other developers and they did not documented that when/where they have registered webhooks . For example , they might have registered a "update order" webhook with PUT but My back-end server have many put endpoints. So I am not sure which update end point is registered with shopify that why I am trying to find all the registered webhooks.

I have gone through the docs

I also find in this youtube video that I can see only the hooks that is created by me.

Stack-overflow :

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Hi, Of course you can only get the webhooks that the app originally registered...and I am guessing that this is a public app?


just use the webhooks.json endpoint that will list all webhooks that the app registered with a specific client.. You will need to make a GET backend call to that endpoint to a shop that has installed the app with the appropriate access token.. that will give you a list of all webhooks that your app registered with the shop.






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