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Locales created by app sections are not editable by the merchant and are not usable in the section

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When I create a new app section that includes a "locale" setting in its schema, these values are not editable by the merchant.

For example, if our app adds an app section that includes a button we can define the default locales for the text of this button it would be good if the merchant could edit the wording either when editing the section in the theme editor(ideal) or when editing the languages in their store.

Additionally I am not able to use the translations that are defined in an app sections schema.  Do app sections support the `locales` setting of the sections schema?

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According to the doc,

Any translations will show up under the Sections tab of the language editor for merchants to edit. When edits are made, the changes are saved directly to the applicable locale file, and the section schema is unchanged.


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