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Must be missing something because I can't see where to set the location address for fulfillment service locations. My app has makers of products who dropship their in-house products. I'll set each one up as a Fulfillment Service so we can manage their inventory, orders, and shipping/tracking for them so they don't have to do it manually.


Whenever I add a new FulfillmentService, I get the generated location_id back but where do I set the address where they ship from? I don't send it when creating the Service; it's not part of the schema. According to the docs all the Location endpoints are GETs. The only place I see where I can set an origin address is using the FulfillmentOrder API call, but that's after an order has been placed, right?

Am I totally missing how Shopify calculates shipping charges?

How do stores accurately calculate shipping charges at checkout without knowing the address where it's being shipped from? Or are the docs incomplete and there is a CREATE or UPDATE endpoint for locations?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey @Swimex ,


When you create a Fulfillment Service for your Shopify store, in your store's settings you have to set-up how shipping rates will be determined for orders that will be fulfilled from that service's location. You can set this up in your store's web Admin (store-name.myshopify.com/admin) by going into Settings --> Shipping --> Manage Rates (General Shipping Rates).


There are two options for how to determine shipping rates from these Fulfillment Service locations. One option is to use a carrier service or a third party app to calculate rates. This involves integrating a Carrier Service (https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/shipping-and-fulfillment/carrierservice) for your particular Fulfillment Service with your Shopify store. This Carrier Service will get a request for shipping rates from Shopify every time a new checkout is created by a customer for the products that will be fulfilled from your Fulfillment Service, and it is up to the Carrier Service to return the accurate shipping rates. The second option is to just set-up your own flat shipping rates for that Fulfillment Service which will be passed directly to customers on checkout. This option requires no integration or extra work.


Here are some more docs with further information: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shipping/understanding-shipping/dropshipping-and-fulfillment-serv...



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Hi, where you able to figure this out?