Managing Order Fulfillment through API

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Hi there. I am exploring using Shopify to manage my orders and the fulfillment of my orders is managed on a separate platform. What I would like to do is to update the fulfillment status, tracking id and tracking company to inform the customer after I have arranged the fulfillment.

Can I check if the create fulfillment API (/admin/api/2021-07/orders/4125618208924.json) is the correct API I should be using?

I have tried creating a fulfillment for my order with few variations of request based on samples in the API document, but I am still receiving "Required parameter missing or invalid". I am unsure what is missing or invalid. Will someone be able to advise? Thanks!


"fulfillment": {
"location_id": 52601159835,
"tracking_url": "",
"tracking_company": "Jack Black's Pack, Stack and Track",
"tracking_number": "123456789",
"notify_customer": true


"errors": {
"fulfillment""Required parameter missing or invalid"
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