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Marketing activity flow problem

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I am trying to create a marketing activity extension for our app, but cannot get it working. I have already made the extension and the server endpoint POST:preload_form_data. When the shop owner clicks "Create campaign", that endpoint is called by Shopify, as expected. My app responds with 200:OK and payload

	form_data: {
as there is no options that should be populated on the fly. At this point I come to a dead end, as the client throws this error:
Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 13.37.10.png
while our app does not receive any other request from Shopify to any other endpoints, so I cannot understand what this error refers to as a non-existing page.
Any suggestions what I may missed is highly appreciated.
Kind regards,
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Hello. Budget field is a required field to create a campaign. In the preload_form_data you need to return response with the budget_id field (the id is your own created during extension creation). The budget response is required to return currency. By the way, you can just copy an example to return


  	"form_data": {
    	"budget": {
      	"amount": 5,
      	"currency": "CAD",
      	"help_text": "Your shop will perform best with a $20 daily budget."