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Hi Experts!

I studied the Shopify API but didn't found an endpoint to gain information about Menu Items (or Navigation item). I found custom_collections.json and collects.json which will helps to understand the core structure of a shop. But is there also a way to get the menu structure of a shop as well?

Thanks a lot for you valuable answer;)



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+1 for managing menu items via the API

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Aye, for several of our clients I have multiple large menus that have to be kept in sync between multiple stores (eg: dev store and live store; country-specific stores; etc.)  Huge +1 for being able to read and write navigation items via API, would save a lot of time on tedious data entry/maintenance

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+1 for API menu links  reading/edeting

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Of course this api is missing

+10000000000 for API menu links  reading/editing