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My experience on not publishing an application on shopify

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Recently I decided to publish a free app on Shopify.

My plan was to start with some of the tutorials for Rails, code the business logic and then publish the app.

1. Setup for the application

There were big problems with setup the application. I saw on twitch that also the Shopify developers struggle to activate an app - that is not normal!

I expect to have a smooth flow and path to be easy and to enjoy working with Shopify. Shopify for me was a good example of a Rails application and great community.

I found probably two official tutorials that didn't work ...or I didn't understand how to make them work. Finally, I found some example on github which worked, so I moved my code there and continued from there...

There was big pain of understanding the part with ngok, the shopify cli (old/'new version) why there are not working commands (for populating demo stores).

2. Development

The development well. The API was well described and I found everything needed. There were some misunderstandings about how to activate the API in the Rails console without using the Shopify console but that's not a problem because I found answers in the community.

There was no clue what CSS and framework to use if I don't use the React components and wanted to do server rendering. My expectation is for Shopify to provide the CSS framework for the admin panel so that I can provide the same UI experience by using pure CSS without React. I went with homemade CSS.

3. Publishing

My app does not follow the workflow for OAuth. I have used the tutorials from Shopify and the example apps.

I don't have time to integrate and find solutions for Shopify OAuth. I still don't know why the uninstall hook is not triggering - sometimes it triggers sometimes not. I have no magic beans in my pocket, I have no answers to my questions in the forums and it looks that the other people don't have a problem so I assume I am doing something wrong.

I would like Shopify to do their job and provide 1 tutorial or one setup procedure that works. It could be just one youtube video showing the setup of Rails app for 20min.

I have published the application as a custom app.


Some strange things

On to submit the application I provided phones, but my application was returned because I didn't provide phones - it happens that I should put the phones in my account - this took a few days.

I saw that the Rails App is making every 2sec requests to refresh token - that is not normal.

On editing an application on the bottom there is only one button "delete app" - this is frustrating. At the end of the form should be "SAVE" not the "Delete all  your work" button.


I hope someone will read this and improve the Rails documentation so that I can just do one command then do my business logic.

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