Native Mobile Push Notifications

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I am using Shopify as a marketplace where I have multiple stores using the same inventory. I am creating a native Android app where the store can view all their orders that come through (past orders too). I can successfully pull all the orders into the Android app, but I am having some trouble with the following:

1. I want to a native push notification to be sent to the Android app when an order is placed. I haven't found any documentation around this. Any ideas? Can I use a web hook for this? Does Shopify support this?

2. I want the store to be able to send a message back at a click of a button to me via an api POST request where they can accept, decline or accept with a substitution. And I want this to notify me on Shopify in some way or even have this automated where depending on the response from the store something happens. Again, can a web hook be used for this? I haven't seen any info on this. Any idea?

Thanks in advance (This is my first Shopify app).

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You could integrate OneSignal SDK to your build and start sending native push notifications to your users.

Here is a tool you could test: it includes OneSignal SDK and links it your APP ID.

You can get the playerId from the URL if you wish to target individual users.