Need APP for Food Delivery with Restrictions

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I need same help to find APP that can do the fallowing:


1, START ORDER, choose from pre-listed address.


3, CHOOSE FROM TAB: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Since here restriction are, we need to adjust our order system.


Customer start order:

1, Drop Down Menu to start order: choose from already listed addresses.


Thursday menu August 19, 2021 Breakfast delivery time 7am-9am


Thursday menu August 19, 2021 Lunch delivery time 10.30am-12pm


Thursday menu August 19, 2021 Dinner delivery time 6pm-8pm

*here is listed tab request: REQUEST TO ADD YOUR ADDRESS HERE / customer fill out they address with replay contact, so Admin can quickly respond to get New Customers to.

Admin will make decision if address is fit to our delivery route

 2, Choose Day:

*customer can pre-order for up to 7 days. / Menu is listed for 30 – days. Menu is always changed by 1 week. / one week menu is already in progress, so end of month menu is added.

Every day has new separate menu, Different for Breakfast, Different for Lunch and Different for Dinner

3, Choose from tab: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

*customer can only order from breakfast OR lunch OR dinner at a time. When need breakfast & dinner, first need to checkout one of them than second order second time [ WE DELIVER BREAKFAST

Breakfast-time, lunch lunch-time, dinner dinner-time. So kitchen have all orders separate, since same items can be same like bottled water.

Also each choice for delivery Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner have a $10 minimum order.

When order breakfast and lunch same time it will be not clear if breakfast is $10 or less.


Thank you,


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