Need Assistance To Reposition Product Reviews On Product Page

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Hi -

Recent theme and shopify updates have 'dictated' that my Shopify Product Review App that has sat wonderfully aesthetically across the complete page now lopes on the right hand side in a long list 'affair'.

Previously there was the possibility of choosing in the online store theme admin customising side bar to choose left/right/centre positioning. The respective coders, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to leave out this option   

It now, not only looks awful, but also requires customers to scroll down for miles to read them - not unlike an unravelling toilet roll as in 'those' ads, you know the one!

So, what I'm looking for is some assistance in providing a code snippet to allow me to reposition the reviews back to their rightful position to be displayed aesthetically in all their glory.

Any and all positive suggestions/assistance gratefully received.

Thank you

Nick B


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