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New library to create Shopify App with TypeScript and Express/React

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So I found that the process of setting up a Shopify app was not the most pleasant experience ever, that's why I decided to do a little boilerplate project to offer an alternative to Shopify's own "create-shopify-app". 


I'm looking for someone who might want to work together on this? At the moment I've set up an express backend with an oAuth authentication system, a React frontend using Shopify app-bridge for embedding the app and of course with TypeScript. The code will be refactored here and there and be tested more throughly with time, but I'd love to work with some more on this project to really offer a competitive alternative to Shopify's own "create-shopify-app", which I don't really love (to express myself lightly). 

There are some things that really needs to get better, like some security aspects. 

What you guys think?


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This is the best template we have available so far I think


Refer to this issue on the shopify-app-node github (the repo that the shopify cli currently forks)


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This repo only supports the main branch and not apps created with CLI 3.x, if you want to generate a CLI app and use TS here are the steps: