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Our application pulls Shopify orders using the Shopify SKU as the unique identifier. Regular Shopify orders are syncing properly, but orders that are made via the ReCharge plugin are being returned with blank SKUs for items that have a SKU saved on the website. 
From reading ReCharge docs, ReCharge creates hidden auto-renew products using the SKU from the original product. These ReCharge created products DO have a SKU saved in their product records, however calling the Orders API (/admin/api/2021-01/orders/{order_id}.json): for order line  is returning blank SKU for these ReCharge orders (the SKU is NOT empty for regular Shopify orders). This is causing an issue with our application as it relies on the Shopify SKU. 
"line_items": [
"sku": "",


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Hey @inflowsupport,

Can you post or DM me an example request? (and, if possible, the x-request-id response header from such a request made within the last 10 days?)

CalD | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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