Omnichannel gift card-Shopify and instore-POS system

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Good morning


I am interested in integrating Shopify gift cards with physical-instore-point-of-sale-software-system. The reason is so that customers can buy gift cards in the store and redeem online. Also so that they can buy gift cards on our Shopify webstore and redeem them in the physical store. We are considering migrating to the Retail Pro system in order to accomplish this.


I have found these resources on the internet of omnichannel gift card integration solutions between Shopify and point of sale systems. These links indicate that this can be done.


Retail Pro seems to have a very extensive API.


In order to build an omnichannel gift card solution between Shopify and Retail Pro, what API and other capabilities are needed with Retail Pro? Would we only need to upgrade to Shopify Plus? What is the overview of the requirements of this project?



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Hi @Lee_Duren, I'm Neomi from team.

Using Rise you can create bulk or manually gift card codes you can use as a physical gift card or a digital one. In addition, you can change the amount and expiration date on every gift card in the app dashboard and add it to your apple wallet. With Rise gift cards your customer can send the gift directly to the recipient and schedule it for the perfect time.

Rise gift card is available on every Shopify account (yes even basic)

check out our listing page and feel free to contact me at

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Did you ever find a way to integrate Shopify and Retail Pro?