Online Store Editor and App Proxy pages

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Hi there,

I currently run an app that makes use of App Proxies to inject content and create dynamic pages.

This works great for my use case.  However when a merchant tries to open one of the App Proxy pages when editing their theme(in the Online Store editor) they see the following error(see screenshot)

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 4.46.25 PM.png

In an ideal world I would like to add settings to the app proxy pages that can be set using the theme editor.  Ideally this would be done by having the app proxy include a {% schema %} tag.  As this may not be possible I may be able to do this by having my app proxy include a theme app extension(not sure if this is possible yet).

Does anyone know of a way to allow for app proxy settings to be adjusted in the theme editor.  Or even if it is possible to make it so it doesn't show an error?  The pages load fine when not in the theme editor.


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Hi there,


I have encountered the same issue as  mentioned.

I installed an order tracking app and it works great, it displays their tracking page via Shopify official app proxy feature and works well anywhere but except in the theme editor. When I click the tracking page in the theme editor, it will show an error as the picture shows below. 
I don't even to edit that page, just need not to show this error.



Is there anyone can help? Thanks in advance.