Orders/fulfilled webhook is not triggering

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I'm trying to use the orders/fulfilled webhook to post to a URL on my server. Other order webhooks like orders/updated work just fine, but I don't seem to be receiving any webhooks for orders/fulfilled.


I've checked my server logs and the destination doesn't seem to be requested at all. But when I query webhooks.json in the API, I get back a seemingly valid webhook:

{"webhook": {"id": 748043763817, "address": "https://MY_ENDPOINT_URL", "topic": "orders/fulfilled", "created_at": "2020-03-07T11:36:24-05:00", "updated_at": "2020-03-07T11:36:24-05:00", "format": "json", "fields": [], "metafield_namespaces": [], "api_version": "2019-10", "private_metafield_namespaces": []}}

So why isn't this webhook firing and what can I do to debug? Is there any way to see these webhooks or their statuses or logs in the Shopify admin? Is there any good way to test this and see if it's working?

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Hey @WTravisH,


Did you make any progress on this? Can you provide store/order details (in a reply or DM)?

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Hi There,

I'm also getting this problem, I was having issues with orders/cancelled not firing but I was missing some scopes. I've since added every scope possible and still not getting orders/fulfilled firing, nothing in the logs either for it.

Any advice? I can PM the store URL.