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Orders REST API - Assigned Location ID

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I understand that we can obtain location id assigned by Shopify to an order line.

The issue is highly circuitous and requires multiple (assuming you're using REST) calls.  You then need to parse the response, find the order line and interleave the order line and fullfillment line objects. WHAT A PAIN!

It would be better and easier if the assigned location id (name/object possibly) were included on the order line object.

This would simplify ERP integrations or any fulfilment integration where an order and order lines are the key transaction/object. Orders-> Shipments -> Invoices

I know this has been requested before, but I am adding my own 2 pence.

Many Thanks

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+1 on this, I think it's the most highly requested item is to simply have the assigned location ID in the line items object. Solves so many problems for so many users and developers.

Do you mind sharing the workaround you mentioned to extract the location ID the painful way?

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hey, i don't think they havent updated it yet


do you follow the same flow,

fetch orders -> fetch fulfillment_orders -> parse the response based on needs...


also would be nice if you could point me to the graph ql solution

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