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Our Store Locked for no reason because of fake trademark report

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We just got a DMCA Takedown notice from a store for 3 of our products. After few minutes our store is locked and we got an error "response code 423".

We contacted to store who reported us - which we know the owner - they said they didn't do that. Someone -probably one of our competitors- reported our 3 products by using this store's name and with fake electronic signature.

This is completely bad faith. This completely Shopify's weakness. Anyone can report anyone with fake names if they want them to out of competition.

We don't know what to do.. We sent an email to legal team, Shopify support. Also other store's owner sent an email to both team but we still didn't get response.

We did not do anything wrong yet we are not able to manage our store. We got orders to fulfill, we have ads are running.. We to manage the store.


Please can someone advice me what to do! 

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Were you ever able to get this resolved?  I'm in a similar situation.  I've emailed and awaiting a response, but I'm a nervous wreck knowing I have orders that need fulfilled.