Partner API to Pull in Shop Email Address

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I am doing data processing in one of our backend applications to pull Theme and App revenue data from the Partners API, but I need a solid way to actually tie revenue to an email address

Is there an easy way to take the gid://partners/Shop/11111111111 (the actual numeric ID at the end) and fetch Shop data (e.g. Shop email address) without hitting the Admin API with a different access token (vs prtapi_asdf1234asdf1234asdf1234) ?


                "cursor": "jibberish12345",
                "node": {
                    "id": "gid://partners/ThemeSale/1122334455",
                    "createdAt": "2021-09-06T11:22:22.000000Z",
                    "grossAmount": {
                        "amount": "9001.00"
                    "netAmount": {
                        "amount": "9000.00"
                    "shop": {
                        "id": "gid://partners/Shop/1111111111111",
                        "myshopifyDomain": "",
                        "name": "store"
                    "shopifyFee": {
                        "amount": "0.00"
                    "theme": {
                        "name": "MyTheme"


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