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we are using Shopify with Plentymarkets-ERP and we are currently trying to figure out where to find the right reference for transactions done by "Shopify Direct Checkout".

I will try to elaborate as good as possible:
When exporting Orders to plentymarkets payments/checkouts processed by paypal are handed over to plenty with the "Authorization key". This key will be set in the payment tab as reference and can be used to double check transactions by our billing department.

But: Orders paid with Visa/Mastercard are not processed the same way. We won't find the "Authorization key" in plentymarkets instead we'll find an unrelated reference key. There is no clue on where this reference comes from. It cant be found anywhere in Shopify.
Transaction with PayPal Express: Plentymarkets Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-08 um 16.06.12.png Shopify Backend: Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-08 um 16.10.52.png

Transaction with Shopify Direct Checkout / Visa: Plentymarkets:Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-08 um 16.06.04.png Shopify Backend: Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-08 um 16.06.54.png


I know that this might be due to the Plugin provided by plentymarkets, but they redirected me here after they had no satisfying answer for me 😉

Is this reference generated by Shopify in any way? If yes, where do I find it? Is there any documentation on this?
Could this be a reference generated by Stripe that is processed/handed over in the background?


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Hey @lc-philipp ,

To get to the bottom of this one, the API call being made by your ERP would need to be examined to see what exact fields are being called for. Without knowing what fields are being called, it's difficult to say what the source could be on that string in your ERP, as there could be a few different keys or IDs that might be responsible. 

I would reach out to your ERP and have them provide an example payload from one of the orders that returned the unexpected string, and then reference the field that contains in the string in the payload response against our documentation. This should point you in the right direction for determining the nature of that string and why it might be different from what you'd expect to have pull in.

Graham S | API Support @ Shopify
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following up on this: Is there a way to bring that information into a mail to the customer support. I can e.g. add this code Snippet to the mail:


{% for transaction in order.transactions %}
{{ transaction.receipt }}
{% endfor %}


This will return a reference number from the payment provider including the status message. Unfortunately, this is not the reference number we can use to match the payment with the payment provider later. Thefore we would need the information from "Authorization key".

Do you know how I can get that "Authorization key" value?


thanks in advance!