Payout transaction types clarification

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Hi there,

In the API documentation ([version]=2020-07), it mentions that the payout transaction can be a type of adjustment. I am wondering what's the use case for it? Is it only applicable for adjusting (refunding) the Shopify fee for the users?

In addition to that, can you give me a bit more background and example of when I will receive the payout transaction type of "reserve", "credit", and "debit" please?


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I have this same question as well, can someone address it please?

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I've been looking for clarification on transaction type = "credit" and in what scenario it would appear in the payout.


The closest thing I have found is this:


The ApplicationCredit resource is used to issue credits to merchants that can be used towards future app purchases in Shopify. You can create an application credit by sending a request that includes the credit amount and a description explaining the reason for the credit. A corresponding deduction based on your revenue share is entered in your Partner account by Shopify. For example, if you create a credit for $10.00, then a deduction of $8.00 is applied.

The total amount of all application credits requested by an app must not exceed the total amount the shop owner was charged in the last 30 days, or the total amount of pending payouts in the app's Partner account.