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POS Extension Not Making Request to App Server

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I am new to the Shopify app building business, and I am struggling to get things off the ground.  We want to build a POS extension for our existing application.

To get started with this exercise, I just wanted to make sure I could connect the POS app to my existing Shopify app.  My understanding from was that I just needed to click a checkbox and it would be available in the POS.  So I did that, installed the app for the POS, and then added a tile to point to it.  When I click on the tile, I get a blank screen -- which may not be surprising.  What is more surprising is that my app server never receives the request.

My assumption has been that the POS would initially attempt to load the App URL assigned for the app, but it does not appear that any requests are made.  It is hard for me to debug any next steps if it does not appear to involve my application at all yet.

Is there something I am missing in the setup that would ensure this will work?  I am trying to do this in a local development environment using ngrok to enable public access to my app.  The admin embed still works using the same URL.

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