Post purchase upsell item is pulled from the wrong inventory location

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One of our customers is using our Honeycomb upsell app for post purchase upsell offers. They reported the following issue that prevents them from using this feature at the moment as upsell items are being associated with the wrong location. Consider the following scenario:



- A store with more than 1 inventory location enabled

- Post purchase upsell extension enabled



1. As a customer go to checkout with some product

2. In Checkout use an address that will be associated with the non default store inventory location

3. Enter cc details and complete the transaction

4. View the post purchase upsell offer and accept it

5. As a merchant view the order in the admin page


Expected result:  the post purchase upsell item location is the same as the location for the original order.

Actual result: the post purchase upsell item location is being associated with the default store location, so the order is split between 2 different locations.



We haven't found anything in the docs / here in the community about this issue so I'm raising this to see if there's anything we can do from our end.


Looking forward to getting this one solved soon. Thanks!!

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