Predictive search API duplicated product titles

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Hi everyone,


I'm creating a custom theme for my client. At the moment we add a predictive search feature which has a very strange issue:

Certains products in a search result have got duplicated titles.

For example, if the product name is "Black coat" then the product's title in the results is "Black coat Black coat".


Can't figure out why is this happening.  Any ideas? May be somebody has already saw this issue? Thank you in advance for any tip or advice.

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A small follow up to the information posted before.


I turns out that products with duplicated titles were created via REST API.  If I duplicate such a product in the back office manually then a duplicate has no issues. It looks like there is a bug in the REST API.  

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Another follow up.


It looks like the problem is in GraphQL translation API. Once the product's title has been translated by GraphQL API then predictive search API fetches this product with duplicated title.


Here is a screenshot:




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I'm getting this too. Does anyone at Shopify have a fix for this?

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 It is related to product name translations. For example, if you use several languages in the store , then you will get a product name in the search consisting of three translated names.  just removed the translation.