Prestige Theme: Variant Color-Shades Grouping Into Basic Colors for Color Swatch Filter

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We use "Prestige Theme" and have thousands of products on Shopify. They have many different shades of basic colors. The colors are provided from our suppliers, and we cannot force them to use our color naming scheme. Suppliers colors are assigned to variants.


For example, for "white" color we might have the following variant colors: "snowwhite", "elephantwhite", "cremewhite", "dirtywhite", "marinewhite".... assigned to white products. These are all slightly different shades of white.


For filtering purposes on the Collection Product Matrix page, we need to show only 10 basic colors in the "Filter Color Swatch" in the "Prestige Theme". After choosing a color (in our example "white"), the customer should see all the available white color shades on the "Product Detail" page. 


I was thinking about using additional variant selector called "Basic Color". We could display this selector on the Collection Product Matrix page. However, we would have problems on the "Product Detail" page. We would have two color dropdowns; "Basic Color" and "Supplier Color". This is not desired. Therefore, we would need:


  1. To hide "Basic Color" dropdown
  2. to make sure "Basic Color" selector is ignored when selecting a product variant. Shopify may not show "Product Unavailable" if the hidden selector is not set to appropriate basic color.


Is there any standard approach to this problem? Should I try to implement the idea above, or is there any ready to use functionality in Shopify, pls? Thanks a lot.




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Did you resolve this as I am having the same issue. Thanks