Price Rule API problem

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Hello, I'm having a very weird issue trying to create a discount, I want a buy X product and get Y product free. But with a minimum value to win.


Here is the discount:


Very simple, spent $99 and get 100% on Bioderma product.


But in the checkout it wont apply =(, its super weird, I have some experience creating discounts via API..this really seems to be a bug.


Im using this command to create the discount:


      title: @@code,
      target_type: "line_item",
      allocation_method: "across",
      value_type: "percentage",
      value: "-100",
      customer_selection: "all",
      once_per_customer: true,
      usage_limit: 1,
      target_selection: "entitled",
      prerequisite_subtotal_range: {
        greater_than_or_equal_to: "99" 
      "entitled_variant_ids": [variant_id_here]


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