Price Rules API: create price should should allow an optional Discount Code

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Hello Shopify,

We know it's possible to create a price rule & discount code with 2 separate API calls.

However, since price rules aren't actually usable without a code, please add an optional parameter which will also create a discount code for the newly created price rule.

This will half the number of API requests apps need to make, which is a big deal considering the API calls limit.


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Can you use the Price Rules API?
When I use it, it returns
  "errors": "Not Found"

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I am also having this error. Anybody have the reason for this?

But i think last week it worked well

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Shopify finally released the Price Rules API

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This would be a very useful change to the api. I think the api to create a price rule should accept an optional array of codes to create. 

It would have performance, stability and usability benefits.