Product description has no html tags to text added to an empty description

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When the product description is empty, and then text is added, that text has no html tags created for it. In order to have the rich text editor provide the tags (as expected), hitting enter must be done.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open the html view by clicking the "show html" button
  2. Select all and delete everything
  3. Switch to the rich text editor by clicking the "show editor" button
  4. Add one line of text like "This is a test"
  5. Open the html view by clicking the "show html" button

Expected Behavior
The text added should be tagged with a <p>

Current Behavior
The text has no html for it. Hitting enter in the rich text editor will add the tags expected


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Hey @clickfordetails 

Thanks for raising! It looks like the conversion to HTML is reliant on the paragraph formatting being set.


So for example I have this :


2. I delete

3. I then add my text 'test2' string and select the Paragraph formatting - I then click 'Show HTML'

4. I'm shown <p>test2</p> in the Description.

That said, if I don't select a formatting, then 'Show HTML' does not work. 

It's technically out of scope for my team personally, but the Technical Support team I'm sure would look into this.  I'll put this in their ballpark for eyes. Thanks again!


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Thanks for getting back to me and for sending it to the team.

I think we are on the same page -> if no formatting is selected, it should probably assume it's a <p> tag