Product, Stock and Cart values not updating

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Hi there. 

I've just taken over the development of a site for a client using Shopify, and we're getting issues that when updating the active state of a product or the quantity in stock, it's not being reflected on the site. Similarly, the client has informed us that in the times when stock was available, the cart values wouldn't update in line with what customers had in them, but I've not been able to test / validate that myself.

The site was using an old version of the API (2020-04) as implemented by the previous developers, so I've updated that request to 2021-07 in order to rule that out, and checked the requests but as far as I can tell they're being made correctly, and it's just that the data coming back from the request doesn't reflect the true state of the store. 

For example - this product should have 1 in stock in Medium, but it's reporting no stock. I'm stuck -

Any pointers that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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