Products.JSON not returning all products when using lastid

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Currently I’m working on a bulk edit tasks making some changes to an store products via Shopify api 

because the edit needs to be applied to all the products on the store I’m downloading all of them using the following strategy 

limit => 250 

sinceId=> last product I’d of the current call 

Iterating from 0 to products/count.json on 250 intervals 


The count json returns 8000 products 

But the task stop returning items after 3000 products 

Seems like the product on the index 3014 is the last product of the store 

But what happened with the rest of products, the count said we must iterate over 8000 products not only 3014 

The count is wrong? 
I’m missing something? 
Are the products on the response ordered or they come randomly? 
should I use a sort strategy ?


i really appreciate your help 

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