prompting for payment after merchant declines

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Hi everyone,

I recently submitting my app and was provided the following feedback

  1. Ensure your app is configured to handle billing decline charges properly. Merchants should be able to decline a billing charge without it cancelling a previously accepted plan. If the app requires a billing charge to be accepted, the billing modal must prompt the merchant again. From this screencast, you can see that the charge approval didn't prompt when the app was accessed again from app index. In this case, the app can still be used even though the charge approval was declined. It should prompt again as this is to ensure you will be getting payment correctly.

I updated my app flow to check the status, now if a merchant tries to go back into my app they are prompted with the billing page again.  The problem is when they confirm the payment, it redirects them every time back to the billing page and the billing payment status stays "pending".  What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help.

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Did you find a solution?

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Have you found a solution? I can't find documentation anywhere on this and Shopify expects us to just solve it? I wish they'd reach out with an example on how to handle these billing decline charges. 

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Have you found the solution for Declining charges???