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Shopify support points me to this board. 

Here is the scenario:

There is a Shopify shop at a certain URL: 

I would like to serve at* the website that is already deployed on another server - usually, all I would have to do is to use Proxy server feature on the given URL so it will serve the data from my 2nd server (I will use it for SEO purpose mainly - this is a read-only application).

I was thinking about 3 options:

  1. I'm able to set up a proxy in the Shopify - may be via private application somehow? Any idea how can I create such an application, that I will use only for a proxy?
  2. Create a page on the certain URL and inject script tag that will load Single Page Application on the given URI (it increase the complexity of the solution a lot, but is possible - however, extremely ineffective).
  3. I can inject iframe on the page and create a JS bridge that will communicate with the main website to populate SEO information.

Do you have any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion that will help me figure out the proper solution. I think such a trivial thing should be achieved easily.