published_scope not working as expected

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When pushing pushing new items, published_scope appears to function correctly. global is published to both pos and online. web only publishes to the web. 


However, after an item is already in shopify, if i update through the API, the item inconsistently updates based on what i set for published scope. It does not always honor what i set. 


for instance, if an item is set to global, and i set published_scope to web, the item should only be published to the web, but it is still published to both web and pos. 


What is the expected behavior of this setting?

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Hi @jgranger 

Yes, the value should remain set to what you updated it to. I haven't been able to replicate this behaviour on my end. Could you please provide a few x-request-ids from requests where it seemed like the value did not save correctly? I can use that to have a look in our logs and see what might be going wrong. Please include IDs from the past few days. Thanks!

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