Publishing unlisted, simple public app for use in multiple shops of clients.

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I am trying to publish a very simple unlisted app to be used in several proyects i manage. 

The app is not intended for commercial user, nor to be listed. It has a ver simple function.


I am getting asked to A) describe a great description that "will encourage Shopify merchants to try out your app for themselves" which is not at all the point of my app.
And i am also getting asked to build a functiong UI to the app backend.. which.. it doesnt have, it creates a single webhook, with specific and very constrained behaviour...

Is there no way for me to have my very simple app and be able to install it easily on my projects without having to convince shopify reviewers that other people will want to buy it, or creating some sort of functionality for the backend that i nether want... nor need?


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There are 2 types of app

  • Custom App : Doesn't need to be reviewed by Shopify but can only be installed on a single store
  • Public App: Has to be reviewed by Shopify. You have a choice to list or not after being approved by Shopify

It seems like you have selected you app to be a public app, which is why you need to get it reviewed.

Hope this helps