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Pulling Order Fees Into Zoho Inventory Orders

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This is my first post and attempt at setting up a private app on Shopify.  We are a Zoho One customer and while the integration with Shopify does quite a bit to automate our processes, we're running into a lot of manual accounting work when it comes to Zoho Inventory recording payments not including transaction fees, payment gateway, etc.  To-date we've developed a Deluge script that automates our Sales order --> Invoice --> Payments process, as well as, properly allocating payments into appropriate Zoho Books Clearing accounts.  That being said, I would like to call the order transaction request outlined below, but am running into an issue since our accounting system doesn't have the Order ID, but instead has the Order Name (Number).  I've seen in other posts where calling the API using an order name is possible, but isn't typically documented.  Any insight to whether this is possible for the transaction request would be much appreciated!  Thank you.


Transaction Request


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Hey there, did you ever figure this out?


I'm having this issue as well, it is a hassle to keep up on the accounting side.