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I am kind of lost in shopify docs right now.

I actually developed a page on a subdomain where the customer is able to customize a product with a live rendering.

Now i would like to push the finished product to the checkout.

I set up the product in shopify from printful. I was thinking to use "JS buy sdk" to retrieve the product from my shopify store edit it and push it back to the checkout. Right now i archieved to retrieve that product from shopify. But i am lost here, i don't know how i could actually create a variant specific to the customer and push it to the checkout.

( The image of the product must be changed, generated from my side for the customer. )

Do i need to do that with an other api ?


Regards, Nicolas.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @zkolait ,


If you would like to create a Variant specific to the customer so that you can eventually push it to the checkout, you will need to use the Shopify Admin API.


This is an authenticated API that needs to be hit from the server side, and cannot be hit from the back-end. You can use this API in either REST or GraphQL. Here is the reference on how to create Variants using this API in REST, and a reference on how to create Variants using this API in GraphQL.


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I know this has been  year ... and am hoping that there may now be a way to create a Variant (or product) specific to the customer not using the admin API, as this code would be in my public front-end and ... well, you know, that is the very reason there is a separate admin API. 

Any hope?  Thanks, jb