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Query BulkOperation return "COMPLETED" but URL with NULL

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 I use graphql bulkoperation to Make a query to look up Products with same SKUs and different Quantity of Products





Input: 21,000 products
Solution: send 42 request bulkoperation next to each other, for request query 500 products
Output: Some response returns with `url` = null



 Shop info:


 - Shopname:


 - BulkOperationID: gid://shopify/BulkOperation/783848440038


 - X-Request-ID: dcb630f5-0b5e-4d61-a550-173179f0feb7

So Can you give me a better query?

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The object_count of that query is 0, which means that it's empty. With no data to provide, we would default to "null" as a returned URL.


For your other 41 jobs, is the object count for all of them "500", or is there one that has an object count lower than 500? In which case, it would make sense why your last job has 0 data since one of the jobs isn't completely full.

Graham S | API Support @ Shopify
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Here are the results of all 42 jobs. In which, there are 17 Jobs that return Null that actually want to have data

May I ask if Shopify has a block mechanism when there are too many requests continuously when using BulkOperation?
(because from the following request all responses that Shopify returns are NULL)