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hello - when using the web client, I can see requests being made to https://partners.shopify.com/2109683/api/graphql containing an AppsInfo query that returns a list of all the apps. Is this also possible within the https://partners.shopify.com/2109683/api/2021-07/graphql.json API?

im getting an error {"errors":[{"message":"Parse error on \"query\" (STRING) at [2, 3]","locations":[{"line":2,"column":3}]}]} and im just wondering if this sort of query just isnt supported.

the message body im trying to post is:

"query" : "query AppsInfo($after: String, $before: String, $first: Int, $searchTerm: String, $canViewFinancials: Boolean = false) { apps(after: $after, before: $before, first: $first, searchTerm: $searchTerm, includeWebhookSummaries: true) { edges { cursor node { id title appType currentState apiHealth { breakingState lastCallAt migrationDeadline __typename } currentInstalls overallRating published developedByPartner totalEarningsAllTime @include(if: $canViewFinancials) { amount currencyCode __typename } webhookMetrics { summary { subscriptionFailurePercentage numberOfRemovedSubscriptions __typename } __typename } __typename } __typename } pageInfo { hasNextPage hasPreviousPage startCursor endCursor __typename } __typename } apiSummaries { lastCallAt migrationDeadline breakingState __typename } hasApps}",
"variables" : {
"searchTerm" : "",
"canViewFinancials" : true,
"after" : "0"
"operationName" : "AppsInfo"

thank you.

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Hey @btgaston 

Thanks for getting in touch - so this particularly AppsInfo query wouldn't be exposed publicly via the GQL API, and the Partners GQL API is restricted to reading Transactions, App Events and Expert Marketplace jobs presently. I certainly do see the benefit of exposing something like this though, and have made this known internally within Shopify. Hope that explains at least!

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